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Version 1.3

Extensions of scientist’s profile, including the ability to add historical data, keywords, scientific disciplines and personal web page. Added a survey on collaboration with OPI.

Version 1.2

Extending the system upon request of the National Research and Development Centre. Ranking of reviewers was improved and extended to support additional ranking criteria. System database was integrated with two NCBiR databases of experts and reviewers. Added an ability to filter data: public data and data specific to a particular subsystem.

Version 1.1

Integration with Nauka Polska database and ability to edit scientist’s list of publications were added. Publications added to the system are available in Nauka Polska, one can also search according to the criteria from Support System for Selection of Reviewers. It’s possible to directly edit your profile in the system using a link in Nauka Polska.

Version 1.0

The first fully functional version of the system. It included such functionalities as extraction of keywords, document analysis, access to databases of people, publications, resources, scientific fields, and keywords, as well as ranking of reviewers.